Diamond powder

NanoDiamond Products Ltd. (NDP)

Made in Europe

NDP is a private and indipendent company with headquarters in Shannon Ireland. The long term experience of the engineers and techinicians working in NDP is applied in order to offer efficient and personalized solutions through an accurate assembling process directly performed inside the company. This process is the consequence of the selection of different suitable components used to obtain the desired features. This happens after a careful analysis and classification in components of every raw materials. The whole process grants an important constance of the products, avoiding all kind of variations, reducing the variables and offering more regular performances of the cutting tools.

In order to make this happen, all features of the elements are analyzed and measured at every single stage allowing in this way a very detailed classification according to the verified properties.

NDP is nowadays a world leading pillar in the industrial superabrasives market.

Policrystalline diamond

SF Diamond Co. Ltd. (SFD)

SFD is a Chinese company specialized in the production of polycristalline diamond (PCD) and related products. In its own headquarters located in Zhengzhou China, SFD can show off one of the biggest and most cutting edge research and development departments of whole China. The more and more efficient constance and yield of its products allowed SFD to become a leading producer of PCD, offering many customized solutions too.

The diamond powders used in the sintering process together with the catalyst metal are high quality products and they are strictly selected in order to give an extremly hard and abrasion resistant product with high thermal conductivity.


We have activated some exclusive partnerships with producers who are able to enlarge the offer and services of Predias, in order to give our customers complete solutions and grant them the certitude of the results through a constant support. Our partnerships are the result of a scrupulous selection and sharing of the same ideas in which we believe, added to the reliability and constance of the products and materials, which are the unquestionable primary value of the products we offer.